Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Compassion and A Heartfelt Thanks

It is with much excitement that I contacted Compassion today with a donation of $900! 

To date we have raised $863.75! What a fantastic contribution you have all made to the lives of the 500 people that live in Athicha's Community in Thailand. 

The money goes to the Project Fund and the areas of need which includes education, medical and housing supplies and also supplements food and water to the families as there is limited employment within the village (most are unemployed but Athicha mother and father are labourers when they can get work). The majority of the families live in straw huts with thatched roofs. 

I look forward to hearing from Compassion and the Project Officers with an outcome of this additional project funding and planning my continued support of Athicha, her family and wider community.

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