Thursday, September 29, 2016

Storms Hit South Australia

I just wanted to post here that I am safe and sound at home on my day off today, but the whole state of South Australia experienced a total black out from just before 4 pm yesterday afternoon.

I was at work and we coped well with our black out plan with lanterns, a laptop and one computer that was connected to a printer.  The doctors were able to undertake consultations and I was able to get results or history off the computer.  We closed the Clinic early at 5 pm and cancelled the last few patients.

Whilst at home I had a sandwich and a glass of wine in bed in the warmth listening to a battery powered radio with updates until the power returned at Woodside just before 11 pm.

The wind and rain continued overnight and currently as I type this we have a little sunshine.  The Onkaparinga River from Woodside, Oakbank, Balhannah and Verdun have flowed over bridges.  Thanks to a friend Tracy on Facebook I have a photo of the River in full flood this just before 9 am  at Woodside.


  1. Glad to hear you are ok. What a doozie of a storm it was. Tv news here in Alice filled with footage of the downed pylons and trees and devastated properties.Hope no lives were lost.

    1. Hi Vi, thankful no lives lost. Lots of damage to power supply, homes, businesses and roads and we now have sunshine but have more warnings for the next 48 hours for up to 100 mm on rain in the Adelaide Hills, we still have flooding in the Gawler River area. But in the Hills the Onkaparinga is flowing well but without issues.

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    1. Thanks Lesley, the sun is shining at the moment but we have another weather warning for the next 48 hours for up to 100 mm of rain in the Adelaide Hills.